400 Mile Off-Road Trail Being Planned in Minnesota

A 400 mile off-road trail spanning from Lake Superior to the North Dakota border is being planned by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The DNR is partnering with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council and the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association to create the "Border to Border Off-Road Vehicle Trail" (B2B trail). Director of Minnesota State parks Erika Rivers claimed that it's the most ambitious trail project to date. The road will link existing trails specifically for 4x4 vehicles with an appropriate off-road vehicle sticker. Also partnering with the DNR and the NOHVCC is the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association. We aren't sure about the the role they'll playing, but we suspect they'd have a lot to offer in terms of trail knowledge. An if you're going to do a thing, you're going to want to have some experts on your team. In addition, they're working to build partnerships with other organizations focused on trail riding events. While it has massive potential, there is much to be done in the way of planning and organizing. Before anyone can even think about taking on all 400 miles, timelines and strategies have to be determined in order to make the trail in a safe and economical way. Rick Langness, President of the Minnesota Four Wheel Drive Association, is working to create more trail-riding opportunities across the state.  If all goes well, the 400 mile off-road trail will be a great tourist draw. For Minnesota Jeepers and off-road enthusiasts, this is an exciting and welcome possibility. Do you think there's a 400 mile trip through Minnesota in your future? Tell us in the comments!

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