4x4 Drowns in England

Even across the Big Pond, sometimes what seems to be a good idea at the time, doesn't really pan out to be that way. Crossing an area when the tide is out sounds pretty simple, but not when you get bogged down, and you're virtually stuck - big time. Because when the tide comes rolling in, suddenly your 4x4 just might become a submarine - whether you want it to be or not. Hey, as long as the wipers work, you should be ok, right? Not exactly. This 4-wheelin' driver took a daring chance. If he hadn't gotten stuck, it would be a great time making it across. Now? I hate to think what the tow bill is going to be on that one! He could've used a snorkel for that romp in the ocean. Does car insurance cover rising tides? Were you ever in this situation before? Tell us in the comments!

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