We are in a bit of a conundrum. First of all, we don't condone crime or evasion of the law. On the other hand, we can't help but appreciate the prowess of 4x4s around the world. In the video we see a bit of both. This 4x4 was being pursued by a Police van when it decided to opt out of the standard traffic stop.

4X4 Evades Police Van

We're not sure why the Police van wanted to stop the 4x4 in question. The video is too short to understand what led to the dangerous outcome. One thing's for sure, though: the driver wasn't up for dealing with the cops that day. Using his 4x4's 4 wheel drive and extra clearance they take on some inclines much too extreme for the Police van and ride off into the sunset. From the looks of it, it appears as though they knew the area, considering that they made it to the mountain and went straight to the worn on-ramp. The cops likely got his license plate though, so they'll be catching up with him soon. 4x4-evades-police What did you think about the elusive antics of the driver in this video? Tell us in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: