5.0 Mustang Motor Jeep Needs a Hand

This is what trailing is all about. Today we find this group of friends riding up a mountain when one in the group can't contend with a big rock jutting out of the earth. The Jeep in question has a Mustang 5.0 engine in it. I don't think it was the engine that was keeping him from getting over that rock though. It may have been his tires, or something else entirely. The team is all business. They're quick to act and help each other as they progress up and across the mountain.
Youtube user Barese420 has been wheeling with his group of friends and daughter, Sarah (since she was 2 and a half) for 17 years. His calls his series of videos the Sunday Four Wheeling Series Adventures. He and his crew cover some pretty serious Vermont terrain in 4x4 glory. Check out his other videos, or you can donate to his channel if you like his videos. What did you think if the 5.0 Mustang Motor Jeep? Not enough info to make a fair assessment? Tell us in the comments!

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