5 Air Compressors Under $170

Air compressors on a 4x4, even a Jeep, can be a great tool to have when trailing. It is one of those things that, the further you are out from civilization, the more likely you will be glad you have one when everything goes south. In the real world of going offroad, things happen you did not expect. A punctured tire is a more likely scenario while having the need for an air powered tool can be mighty handy too when forcing a repair. You know, when the nearest shop is 100 miles away. Trailing in different terrains mean you will be airing up the tires, and letting air out at any given time. Especially if you get stuck, such as in loose sand, snow, muck, or whatever mother nature can throw at you. It does not do any good to let the air out of you do not have any way to put the air back in. Owning a compressor is easy, and we have picked 5 Air Compressors Under $170 that can get your Jeep outfitted without breaking the bank. Being prepared doesn’t mean you have to break the bank or hock some loose Jeep parts lying around. We have got you covered! (these can be some great gifts too!)

Smittybilt Air Compressor, High Performance 2.54 CFM

5 Air Compressors Under $170 At a bargain retail price of only $89.99 the Smittybilt Air Compressor, High Performance 2.54 CFM is one sweet air compressor, it has a great handle which makes it portable and easy to use.  It is a 1/3 horsepower direct drive motor, so it is powerful enough to air up your tires. The coiled hose is a quick release if you need to disconnect it. Once you set it down, it has rubber feet to lessen vibrations. The pressure is around 150 psi (which is easy to see with its integrated pressure gauge). Three needle adaptors are included to air up different objects, and a storage bag keeps all the bits and parts together for you. The Air Compressor is universal, so you can use it with any 12-volt vehicle (the compressor hooks up to the battery with clamps to power it).  

Viair 70P Portable Compressor Kit 

5 Air Compressors Under $170 The Viair 70P Portable Compressor Kit is a sweet deal for only $43.99 and its one handy compressor. This compressor plugs into the 12V cigarette lighter/accessory plug for easy power ups. The maximum power is up to 100 pounds and to keep the kit all together, a Viair bag is included. A couple of universal inflation tips and a needle valve are provided to air up different objects. It is compact (only 6.57"L x 3.66"W x 6.18"H) with a quick handle. The pressure gauge is mounted on top, so it is easy to read. This Viair 70P Portable Compressor Kit more recommended for stock tires rather than oversized off road examples.

Smittybilt Heavy Duty 5.65 CFM Air Compressor 

5 Air Compressors Under $170 If you want to get some serious air movement, the Smittybilt Heavy Duty 5.65 CFM  Air Compressor is just the tool you are seeking at a low price of only $159.99! It has a whopping 5.65 CFM rating.  Of course, it is a Smittybilt, so it includes a heavy-duty storage bag to carry it all in, as well as the coiled air hose, and some air adapters/needles. It has a sturdy handle on top, and an air gauge to let you know the air pressure levels. The Smittybilt CFM Air Compressor hooks up to a 12 V battery for power.  

Viair 300P Portable Air Compressor (12-Volt, 27 amp, 100-150 PSI) 

5 Air Compressors Under $170 This is the larger Viair Portable 300P Air Compressor that cranks out 150 PSI for only $149.99. The air hose is 25 feet long! Of course, there's an air gauge, inflation tips to air up different things, and a deluxe storage bag to carry it all in.  This air compressor kit can air up to a 33-inch tire.  It connects up to a 12 V battery for power. Rubber feet help eliminate and minimize any vibration  

ARB On-Board High-Performance Air Compressor Kit 

5 Air Compressors Under $170 With a name like ARB, you know it has been tested on the harsh terrains of Australia, where just going to work each day can be a trail adventure.   This ARB Onboard High-Performance Air Compressor Kit allows you to install the compressor in a permanent location a truck or Jeep and is a really sweet deal for only $169! It is designed to activate up to two ARB Air lockers. However, don't let the compact size of this high-performance air compressor fool you. The compact size allows it to be installed in small spaces without being in the way. The kit includes an isolating switch, reinforced bracket, mounting hardware, and a full wiring loom with Air Locker Selenoid plug-in contacts. If you trail, or like camping, surfing, and the great outdoors, a compressor can come in handy. Easy to use and at a relatively low cost, it is a tool that's worth having on board your Jeep. If not your Jeep, a compressor makes a great gift for the holidays for the big time trail dogs in your pack.