Today we are sharing 5 things to avoid in your 4x4. Thanks to Engineering Explained for this awesome video. Whether you're a seasoned vet off the road or a green horn in a Jeep, we think these are solid tips and reminders. We can't get enough of Engineering Explained because these guys really know what they're talking about. Pay attention and enjoy the video.

4x4 Drivers: Do or Do Not

If he went too fast for you we've summarized his main points right here for you.
  1. Do not use locking differential when driving on pavement. Also, don't use part time 4 wheel drive while on pavement.
  2. Always put the car in neutral and come to a complete stop before putting transfer case in 4 Lo.
  3. Never floor it when your vehicle is stuck.
  4. Do not use traction control in mud or sand. Do use traction control in the snow or when rock crawling.
  5. Never go straight back on the road after trailing. Check the undercarriage and all areas for damage and brush before heading back home.
avoid-in-your-4x4 These 5 things to avoid in your 4x4 are easy to employ. They're concise and can keep you out of trouble. It's that simple. Do or do not. It's up to you. We'd definitely listen to Yoda and the video.

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