Here in the U.S.A, we do not always realize how big our country is, and we sometimes get complacent in just where we live. Regardless of which area, or state, you live in, it can be expensive to travel. Between working for the man, and our daily lives of kids, mortgages and everyday life of things, just getting some time off is almost impossible.

50 States in a Jeep Wrangler

However, one Jeeper, known as “Jake,” had an idea, and chronicled his on-road/off-road trip with videos and posted them on YouTube. His goal? Visit all 50 states. While driving is not anything new, and he is surely not the first to visit all the 50 states, Although, a trip like this in a Jeep Wrangler is different. This road trip is not a 50 hotel tour. He eats, sleeps, and primarily lives in the Jeep, and the video teaches us a lot about how we can use our Jeeps in the most extreme situations. If you ever wanted to travel, camp, or get lost in a Jeep on your own, these sets of videos are full of tips. (Such as a 72-inch cot will fit in the back of the Wrangler for sleeping).
Fortunately, the videos are fast paced, and Jake (along with his dog Annie and his Jeep named “Jade”) keeps everything lighthearted. It seems he has been a Jeep guy for a while now, and he has already made some smaller journeys before this big one, so he is experienced. Many of the videos are retrospective but can be enlightening. With the videos on YouTube and SnapChat, he takes questions from those following his journey and answers them honest, candid, and to the point. Each video is different as far as a theme, so they are worth watching, though there are many. We like that the journey is more personal in content, about him and his Jeep and rather than us watching endless miles of scenery just passing out his window - we get the behind the scene footage.  Does he have road and mechanical issues? Yes, this is real life. So he does not always know what to expect next but faces each challenge so far with a 100% effort. It appears, as of November 16, he is in Oregon, going towards Idaho. So the journey is well on its way. However, there are many states to get through. He may even be driving near along the way. Who will fair the best in the end? Jake, Annie, or his Jeep Jade?