Before the Jeep life, you were just an everyday person. Average. Wandering through the days wistfully, like a leaf in the wind. Then you saw your first Jeep. Probably a Wrangler. And you wondered, why are they so happy? Why are they headed towards the mountains? Why are they so friendly and wave to each other when they pass? So you searched and found the right Jeep, in the color you wanted, with the options you heard about, and suddenly, it's the perfect life for you. Everything's coming up roses. It's the beginning of a new life for you.  Well... so you thought....

7 GIFs that Explain a Jeep Owners Life

1. Your First Jeep Wave

You know, when you were a dorky new Jeep owner and got so excited you were waving at any Jeep that would pass you by (and some that weren’t Jeeps - rookie!).
First Jeep Wave
Now you’re a member of an elite few who drive the best. A pure acknowledged Jeep wave is all that’s needed. Current Jeep Wave

2. Death Wobble Experience

There you are cruising along in your little world, and suddenly you think the wheel is coming off and you’re banging fenders at the Bristol track with no place to go.
First Death Wobble Experience
Death Wobble? Not scared. It’s a Jeep! Buckle up campers!
Dealing with a Death Wobble Now

3. Your Finances

You were rolling in the dough before. Steak dinners, money in your pocket, you were living large Finances when your First Bought a Jeep
Now the only thing living large is your credit card statement because, well - JEEP PARTS. Your Finances Shortly After Buying a Jeep

4. Social Life

Remember when you lived under the radar. No friends, no place to go, hardly leaving the house. Your Social Life Before Buying a Jeep
Now you’ve got 5 million Jeep friends to hang with, and you haven’t been inside your house in 2 years. Your Social Life After Buying a Jeep

5. Bright Ideas

Oh yeah, when you first got your Jeep, when you got her running, anything goes.  You wanted to test what she could do. Jump a pool, rolling it over three times, ramping off a trail pass, or crossing that mountain creek with the doors off - on stock tires.   Your Bright Ideas in Your First Jeep
Then someone told you what Jeeps are made for.. 4x4? Big boulders? Mountain cliffs? Just how deep is the 20-foot creek anyway? It's okay I have a Snorklel! Let's find out!
Your Bright Ideas in Your Jeep Now

6. Fedex / UPS truck.

Before your Jeep, you hardly knew there was a truck that brought things to your home. And if they did, it was tiny things. In small boxes. How You UPS about FedEx before buying a Jeep
Now your Super Jeep hearing can pick up a UPS truck from 3 blocks over, and you know his first name, and the names of his whole family and boxes the size of a Volkswagen get dropped off at your door. A lot. Like, almost every other day. How Your Feel About UPS After Your Jeep

7. Your First Downpour in a Jeep

Your first downpour was your first introduction to cold rain. All because you took your soft top off on a “clear day”. Your First Down Pour in a Jeep
Now when it rains, the only thing on your mind is you’re getting a free Jeep wash. Your Jeep is ready for the rain this time around, Bikini top, Seat Covers, Trail Covers you name it - rain won't ruin your Jeepin' day! Downpours in a Jeep a Year Later