Driving a Jeep Renegade? Then you want to check out these hot new Jeep Renegade aftermarket accessories from Daystar! We’re always looking for new parts for the Renegades. They’re slow in coming, but that hasn’t stop Daystar from taking the point and coming up with some great products.

8 Aftermarket Parts that Prove the Jeep Renegade Can Hang

1. Jeep Renegade Front Winch Bumper

Now you can attach a winch to the front of your Renegade with Daystar’s new Front Winch Bumper. Even up to a 9000 lb force power winch. Made in the USA from quality steel materials, and sporting a black finish, it’s ready to turn your Renegade into a winching machine, ready for any trail situation. Daystar makes a winch bumper for the standard Renegades, and also the Trailhawk models. day-kj50000bk-2_3330

2. Front Winch Bumper Guards

The winch bumper guards from Daystar bolt onto the winch bumper on each side. These protect the front bumper from limbs, rocks, and debris hitting and scratching up the soft plastic portion of the stock bumper. day-kj50001bk_7339

3. Winch Bumper Light Bar

Now you can bolt on external LED lights right where you need them - to shine a light in front over the winch so you can see what you’re doing. You can mount driving or spot lights. The Daystar Winch Bumper Light Bar bolts directly to the winch bumper for strength. day-kj50003bk_3270

Latitude Bull Bar

The Latitude Bull Bar is made of quality steel to protect the front of you Jeep Renegade from debris and low branches or brush. For strength, it bolts directly to the frame of the Jeep for a sturdy bar that can take some punishment so your Jeep doesn't have to.

4. LED 40-inch Light Bar Mount

Renegade LED Light Bar
To keep your Renegade going into the night, Daystar has come up with a 40 inch LED light bar mount to light the way. NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED to install, as it works with your factory roof rack rails. The combo beam lighting pattern includes both spot and spread reflectors that provide maximum light output for any situation on or off-road. These are made right here in the USA and have a black powder coating for many years of use.

5. A-Pillar Switch Pod and Roll Bar Switch Panel

With all the accessories on a Jeep, the Renegade is no different. Now you can keep those switches handy with the Daystar Switch Pod that attaches to the A-pillar, and with a Universal Roll Bar Switch Panel. These panels use colored illuminated switches, with molded plastic housings.

6. Jeep Renegade Rock Sliders

Now you can get down to some more severe trailing with your Renegade with these Rock Sliders. These bolt right up, with NO WELDING. They’re made in the USA, and have a black finish. These are designed to protect the sides of your Jeep against rocks, debris, or anything that tries to bang up your lower rocker panels. Protect them! day-kj50012bk-3_2070

7. Winch Fairlead Light Bracket

Another way to get lights on your Winch Bumper is to use this Winch Fairlead Light Bracket. It attaches to the top of your fairlead and allows you to mount two LED lights.

8. Cam Can Tailgate Mount

If you’re trailing in your Jeep Renegade, or need to be ready for an emergency or disaster, the Daystar Cam Can Tailgate Mount allows you to mount two Daystar Cam Cans for liquids (water, fuel, etc). It doesn’t interfere with the view out the back window and mounts directly to the tailgate for ease of use.
Hey, the Renegade might be the new kid on the block, but with the right gear from Daystar, it can hang with the pack!