This 800HP Grand Cherokee is an orange drag strip monster. Most Jeep fans are looking for that one big trail, that one secret fishing spot. It's not so much about the destination, but where the wandering path takes you. Somewhere that 4WD/AWD is needed full time. The slow and steady climb, up a mountain, down a gully, and through a few streams. That’s definitely not the case with this furious racing Grand Cherokee. Some Jeep folks customize their rigs for the trails, while others modify theirs for the pavement. Whatever the case, Jeep people don't do things halfway.

Take This 800HP Grand Cherokee SRT8 For Example

Sporting a 392 V8 built by AD Motorsports, the Grand Cherokee includes a 75mm single turbo and a SHR racing transmission. Of course, the AWD doesn’t hurt either to get the proper grip on all four wheels. No ET or top speed is mentioned, but we expect that this Jeep is no slouch when it comes time to make a pizza run and get back before halftime's over. We love the bright orange color as well. You certainly won’t miss this Jeep when it passes you! Thanks to 1320 Video for all of the good Jeep videos they put out on a regular basis. Make sure you subscribe to their channel and like their videos to keep them pumping out entertaining stuff. What did you think of the Orange Fury? Tell us in the comments!

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