A Simple Solution to Storing Your Door

Worried about storing your new doors after removing them? Does this stop you from going doorless and enjoying the outdoor with your Jeep? This simple at home project will allow you to safely store your Jeep doors at home or in your garage while you cruise the streets or go wheeling offroad. Combined with Bestop Storage Bags, you can go doorless and not have to worry about scratching or possibly damaging your Jeep doors while being stored. Using inexpensive materials we will show you how to make a safe door rack for a 2007- 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK.

Materials Needed:
4    - 10' X1" PVC pipe
6    - 1" pipe insulators
14  - 1" PVC elbows
10  - 1" PVC TEEs
1 - Plumbers glue

Note: Cut the pipes into 10 – 2' foot sections, 8 – 4" inch sections, and the rest into 1' sections.

Start Assembling Connect two 2' foot sections and one 1' foot section with 90 degree elbows. Your going to do it 5 times. Use Plumbers glue when attaching all PVC parts.

Setting up the Base
Create two base sections each with a TEE, 1' foot section, TEE, 1' foot section, TEE. Before you press them together too hard make sure that all of the TEE sections are pointing down and flat on the ground. This will help to ensure they all point straight up.

Finishing Assembling
At this point you have two sections each with a 4"inch section, TEE, 4"inch section, elbow.
Then connect the two sections at the TEE with a 1' foot section.
Connect this to the one end of the main base and add a vertical upwards from the elbows.
Repeat this on the opposite end.

Now if you want to get fancy with new Jeep door storage rack you can get some foam to wrap around the PVC and anker it down to a dolly. This was it can easily can moved around. (do not put rack on dolly with out anchoring it.)