Steinjager produces American made Jeep parts out of Bushnell, IL. After almost 50 years of producing aftermarket Jeep parts for big name clients, the company has added their own products to the list of brands offering Jeep customization.

Jeep Parts Made in America

This is a true tale of American grit. Steinjager survived The Great Recession and maintained its workforce in a tiny town with a population of 3,200 people. In fact, their business doubled in 2015. The company is proud of the fact that their parts are US made. To celebrate their success they're hosting a Jeep Blitz on Friday, April 15, 2016. There will also be a Show and Shine Contest, as well as rides over their custom off-road test trail. For readers in that part of the country, make sure to head over there tomorrow and let us know how it all went. For Jeep family in South Florida, don't forget to make it out to our 25th Anniversary event on Saturday the 16th! Our event is rain or shine, so bring an umbrella for the possible showers.

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