It's a few years old, but we just had to share this video of a Canadian Army crew execute a quick Jeep rebuild after they disassemble  Willys MB. These guys are part of the 3 Area Support Group Technical Services Division. Using their knowledge of the Jeep, their impressive skill sets, and precision military training, they put on quite a show.

Army Jeep Rebuild Video

Have you ever seen such a display? For anyone who has ever rebuilt a Jeep on their own, or with a friend or two, you know how difficult it can be. And anyone who likes tooling and customizing their Jeep can appreciate how quickly these servicemen accomplish the task. We love seeing all sorts of custom Jeeps and rebuilds, like the electric CJ5 a few weeks back. If you're looking for fresh body parts to rebuild your Jeep, check out our helpful blog post about it. Have you ever taken apart and rebuilt a Jeep? Did you beat four minutes? Or was it more like 4 months? Years? Tell us about it!

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