Autobest fuel pump Everybody wants to get that new HD bumper, or the cool set of wheels and tires, but in the end, you still have to drive your Jeep to work, and get the kids to school on time. Which means, when your Jeep breaks down, you need to repair it with dependable parts, and get back to the busy life you lead, both on road and off. With Jeep engines being fuel injected today, the old days of the 7-psi mechanical fuel pumps are long gone. Todays engine fuel systems require an average of 37-psi to keep the running. Along with fuel rails, fuel regulators, fuel filters, and fuel pumps. If any of these fail, you're dead in the water until you can fix it.

Autobest Fuel Pumps Take Us Into a New Age of Replacement Fuel Pump Parts

With todays high tech fuel systems, and fuel pumps such a critical piece of the equation, at Morris 4x4 Center, we now carry the Autobest fuel pumps for your Jeeps. In the old days, you merely had to open the hood, and with just a few bolts, you could have a mechanical pump changed in an hour or less. But the electric fuel pumps of today are located in the fuel tank (or in some cases, on the frame rail under the vehicle, such as on some trucks). Now you're talking a few hours while you disengage the fuel lines, and lower the fuel tank out and from under the vehicle. Not something you want to do twice! Especially in your drive way. ONE gallon of gasoline weights just over 6 pounds. Now multiply that times a fuel tank that might hold 25 gallons - now you're talking a fuel tank that weighs 150 pounds! Not an easy part to move around. Hopefully, IF your fuel pump goes out, you won't have just made a trip to the gas station! Now, if your fuel pump does go bad, we here at the Morris 4x4 Center have you covered with a line of new Autobest electronic fuel pumps. These are made as modules and kits, to give you al the parts you need to  make the swap easier and faster. This means pumps with the right hookup ports, factory electrical connectors, and factory style filter socks.

Quality Fuel Pumps from Autobest Made Right at Home

Autobest makes their pumps in house at their own factory, using the best plastics, wiring, and materials. The have complete control over the manufacturing and assembly procedures, including testing and quality control. The end result is a quality electronic fuel pump you can rely on for years to come. All of their components are manufactured to meet or exceed O.E. specifications. They are designed to be bolt in parts. Meaning, you're not using a universal pump with 75 different kinds of accessories, mods, and odd parts to make them fit every vehicle on the road. When you order a fuel pump for a Wrangler Jeep, that's exactly what it's for.

Electronic Fuel Pumps vs Modules

When looking at pumps, there are two most common types of electronic fuel pumps: Modules and just the Pump by itself. The module style pump is shown just below. For the most part, these are usually self contained. Meaning, everything is all together as one unit. The pump, casing, electronics, and float, all together, pre-assembled. Sometimes they use an external filter screen (known as a "sock") while sometimes the screen filter in inside the plastic "barrel" (where you can't see it). Autobest electronic fuel pump
Once you've opened up the top of your fuel tank, you just have to swap the old unit for the new one, and hook up the fuel lines and wire connectors. On some fuel pump systems, you reuse the sending unit, and just change the pump itself. While these are normally less money, it means you have to do more installation work on your own, and sometimes change the wiring connections.  You don't get a choice on which fuel pump to use, whatever is factory tends to be what you replace it with: a module only gets replaced with a module, etc. Below is a fuel  pump kit on it's own:
Sometimes changing a fuel pump requires a fuel screen, also known as a "sock". If required (an only if) , these usually connect to the bottom of the fuel sender or module. Here is one example of what a sock can look like below: Mopar fuel filter Sock
Which ever type fuel pump you have, the Morris 4x4 Center and Autobest have you covered. Now you can get a fuel pump you can depend on, at the best prices anywhere, right here!