With more than 30 years experience, Baja Designs has been developing off road lighting solutions not just for Jeep fans, but for the military, marine industries, motorcycles, racing, and emergency services too. So they have quite the reputation and knowledge to give you the lighting products you can depend on, both off road and on the street. In real world conditions. Baja Designs is where science is used to create powerful and durable lights, whether they are HID or LED. They employ engineers who not only have a passion for lighting, but the desire to bring you the best possible lighting products made with modern technology. For instance, each Baja Designs LED light features:
  • A machined aluminum heat sink
  • A microprocessor controlled thermal feedback loop
  • A copper core board to efficiently transfer heat from the LED element to the heat sink
They are the only LED light manufacturer that uses this 3-step thermal management system to ensure heat will not damage your LED lights. Currently Baja Designs has products and kits made for specific vehicles, including the JK Wrangler Jeep. They’ve put their heart and soul into bringing top of the line lighting solutions to allow you to get the most from your lighting when combined with your Jeep.

Baja Designs S2 Pro LED Lights

Baja Designs S2 LED LIghts
S2 Pro Spot Beam Led Lights The S2 Pro Spot Beam LED Lights may seem small, having a compact size of only 3 x 2 inches. But ounce for ounce, they are very powerful with an incredible 2,150 lumens, and 5000k daylight natural color. With a universal bracket, they can be mounted almost anywhere. The housings are waterproof and submersible. Best of all, one light only draws around 21 watts, so you’re not stressing your electrical system. The S2 Pro Spot Beams have a replaceable lens, and they are also available in colors, such as amber, red, blue and green. Some of the S2s use a housing to be mounted with a bracket, but you can also get them with a flush housing, to mount them with a more integral and custom fit. S2 Pro Flood/Work Beam LED Lights The S2 Pro Flood/Work Beam LED lights are very similar to the Spot Beams, but have a beam pattern that provides an extremely smooth 60 degree circle that projects nearly 40 feet. If you need to shed some powerful light on an emergency situation (rigging, towing) or just light up a camp site, these make an excellent choice for work related situations. S2 Pro Driving/Combo LED Lights The S2 Pro Driving/Combo LED lights give you all the great features of the S2 line, but with more versatility. These lights feature both a driving light (10 degrees) and a spot light (9 degrees) optics that give you a smooth blend of light for both near field of vision applications, as well as for distance. This driving/combo beam pattern provides maximum trail coverage. It may seem like the S2 Pro LED lights are all the same, but the beam patterns are different, depending on their design. So you get a choice, depending on what you will be using them for. Plus it depends on where they’re mounted. You would mount the driving/fog (amber) lights on the front obviously, but you might also mount an S2 work light on the back of your Jeep to help when loading and unloading gear at night.

Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Lights

Baja Squadrom
Squadron Pro LED Spot Lights The Baja Designs Squadron LED Lights feature 4 Cree LEDs, with 4,900 lumens of power. Even with this kind of power, it only pulls 42 watts from your electrical system. The housing is compact, only 3.07 x 2.77 x 3.07. Of course they're waterproof and submersible, with stainless steel hardware and replaceable lenses and optics. These lights have a long and narrow 9 degree beam that focuses on illuminating farther down the off road trail or highway. The Squadron Pro LED lights can be mounted almost anywhere with a provided bracket, or you can use the flush mounted ones for a smooth custom look. Squadron Pro LED Flood/Work Lights The Baja Designs Squadron Pro LED Flood Lights continue the Squadron line with their Flood/Work light combo. With a different configuration, these lights give you a smooth 60 degree circle that illuminates about 60 feet. Squadron Pro LED Driving/Combo Lights The Baja Designs Pro LED Driving/Combo beam lights give you the best of both worlds. You still get all the great features of the Squadron LED, but with a light that uses both wide cornering and spot optics to help with short or long distance ranges. They are available in clear and amber (fog) lenses. Squadron Pro LED Wide Cornering Lights The Baja Pro LED Wide Corning Lights are designed to give you a 42 degree flattened horizontal beam that provides comfort lighting at a higher quality. Again, which Squadron Pro LED lighting system you choose depends on what you’re doing and what your needs are. It’s the beam patterns that make them different and specific for the task. With the same great design either way, you can combine them to set your Jeep up for the perfect off road excursion.

Baja Designs XL Pro LED Lights

Baja Designs XL Pro LED
XL Pro LED Lights The Baja Designs XL Pro Driving/Combo Beam LED Lights features 4 Cree XP-L LEDs. These compact but powerful LEDs pack 4,900 lumens at only 40 watts. The XL Pro LEDs are water proof, and submersible as well. These lights use both wide cornering and spot optics to help with short or long distance ranges. So you get the best of both worlds when driving. They are available with both clear and amber lenses. XL-R Pro LED Lights The Baja Designs XL-R Pro LED Lights use both wide cornering and spot optics to help with short or long distance ranges. These lights are 5.24 x 3.65 x 5.24, and can be mounted almost anywhere with the included bracket and hardware. The “R version like these have a round housing, while the standard XL-Pro LED Lights have a “square” shaped housing (with rounded corners). Other than that, they are essentially the same lights, except for the housing shape.

Baja Designs LED Light Bars

Baja LED Light Bar
50-inch LED Light Bars The Baja Designs OnX6 LED Light Bar has a driving/combo beam pattern. It puts out the power with a 5000k daylight natural color at 36,750 lumens. The included mounts are adjustable and easy to install. The light bar is waterproof, has replaceable lenses and optics, and a hard-coated polycarbonate front lens. This light bar is 50 x 4.29 x 2.69. The Baja Designs S8 LED Light Bar features 21,000 lumens, with 5000k daylight natural color. While not quite as powerful as the OnX6 light bar, it still has the same robust and electrical features built into every Baja Designs light. It’s also slimmer than the OnX6, coming in at a size of 50 x 3.05 x 1.55.

Baja Designs Accessories

If you’re looking for more lighting elsewhere on your Jeep, and these could apply to almost any Jeep or truck, Baja Designs makes a couple of more cool lighting accessories: LED Dome Light with Switch The Baja Designs Dome Light can be mounted almost anywhere there’s a flat surface, and is kind of universal for any Jeep, it features an easy to use off/on switch. The beam of light gives you 360 degrees of coverage. LED Rock Light This compact Baja Designs LED Rock Light can be used anywhere you need a bright light. Under the hood, under your Jeep, on the back spare rack, or on your trailer. Any place you think you might need to see in the dead of the night. We are proud to offer Baja Designs lighting to our Customers. We know these are high quality, and will be some lights that jeep owners can depend on each day to get them to the next off road adventure safely. If you want to see more information about choosing lights for your Jeep or Truck, check out our article: Jeep Lighting Solutions: The Differences Between Fog Lights & Driving Lights.

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