Bay Area Riders Restore Senior's Jeep

The Bay Area Riders are motorcycle club with a big heart. After hearing of Bill Gebhardt's whoas last month, the club decided to help. The Backstory: Mr. Gebhardt hired two men to mow his lawn. The next day the men's girlfriends offered to clean his house. They asked to borrow his Jeep to complete some related work. All along the group of four was plotting against the trusting 77 year old man. All told, the gang of thieves stole:
  • His Jeep
  • His Gun
  • A Diamond Ring
  • Lawn Equipment
The Jeep was found, but in terrible condition. It was so bad that Gebhardt considered selling it due to repairs being too costly. That's when the Bay Area Riders stepped in.

The Jeep was restored from head to toe. From fresh paint to body and engine work, the Bay Area Riders made sure Gebhardt's Jeep returned to him in beautiful condition. They even raised some cash to give him some spending money. When asked about it, Bill Gebhardt said it'll feel good every time he starts the Jeep up. The bike club was just looking out for their fellow man. It's sad to see someone taken advantage of like that. “I saw the news come on, and just the expression on his face, he looked devastated. And I wanted to show him, you can trust some people,” said Richard Hitchcock, member of the bike club. Jeep clubs aren't the only ones who are doing good out here.

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