four wheel snow
Fresh powder can make your favorite off-road trail a bit more challenging. Having a 4x4 doesn't mean your immune to getting stuck or having troubles. From light snow to the heavy stuff, momentum can be your best friend. Here are some helpful tips for wheeling in the snow this winter.

Be Prepared For Winter Driving in Snow

Winter four wheeling require extra precautions.  When four wheeling in the snow it is best to bring along a sleeping bag, extra water, and food such as energy bars.  Even within the shelter of your vehicle, unplanned nights in the snow can be deadly for the unprepared.  Let someone know where you are going and when they should expect your return, just encase anything doesn't go your way or your find big foot. Always remember one of the important rules of going off-road: never go by yourself! winter-off-road-driving-supplies

Recovery Gear For Snow Off-Roading

Tow hooks and shackles, recovery ropes and straps, and winches are all important when wheeling  in deep snow.  A snow shovel is great idea and can be used to dig out tires, axles, and frames when they are pushing snow.

When Off-Road in Snow, Learn to Read the Snow

One of the most important techniques in snow wheeling is being able to “read” the snow.  Soft, wet snow in the sun is quite different than hard, cold snow that is found on north facing slopes and in the shadows of trees. Wet, heavy snow is often the easiest to get on top of, while dry snow can cause fits. Also be aware of slopes and shadows. Don’t Spin- When met with resistance, our natural reaction is to try and power forward.  This usually just spins the tires, you can get stuck. Instead, ease off the throttle. Try different lines to find a way around the problem spot. Special Thanks: This story uses photos and contains excerpts from a story originally posted on, reproduced with permission.