The Manual Transmission. You either hate it or love it. Two horses of a different color, and two different driving styles. But the manual transmissions are still around. Granted, some of the newer ones are helped by modern electronics, but you still have a clutch pedal, and you still get to rack that shifter into gear and do your thing. The first Jeep was manual, back to the Willys and the MB Jeeps. Jeep has stuck with the manual transmission since then in one form or another. Sure, if you want to cruise through life, you can can get an automatic. If you live in the city, with stop and go traffic, nobody wants a manual transmission. When operating the clutch mile after mile gives you calves like a race horse. We get that. But to take control, to take the reins of your Jeep and be in control, it's gotta have a manual transmission. Here, we discuss 5 of FCA's vehicles that made it's "The 20 Best Cars That Still Offer a Manual Transmission."

2016 Dodge Viper

An icon for power and classic American muscle, the viper only comes in a six speed manual option. Combine that with its 645 hp V10 engine and you've got an unruly beast on your hands. Nuff said.
2016 dodge viper

Fiat Abarth 500

Yeah, it's small, compact, and made by those FIAT guys. Complete with a high performance racing stripe. But don't be fooled. This little hot wheels car weighs in at only 2512 pounds. With a standard 5-speed (and an optional 6-speed!), you can scream around town scaring the neighbors like a swarm of angry bees on the hunt. Keep shifting to your heart's content. fiat-500-abarth

Hellcat Dodge SRT

If you want to get the most out of a high performance vehicle, you gotta go manual. You need to have control to do power slides, hole shots, and get in the proper gear to pull that muscle car out of a turn like a bat out of hell. Don't bother checking that option sheet box for the automatic transmission. That's for wimps. You want to feel the engine puling like a freight train on NOX. You want every gear to count. You want to get that tach needle right at the sweet spot and then shift to the next gear to do it all over again. Bang! You just got the total package from the Supercharged Dodge SRT 6.2 HEMI in your face. (neck brace optional). 2015-dodge-challenger-srt-hellcat-1

Dodge Ram Truck

Trucks need a manual transmission because they've got work to do. Hauling, towing, trailing. You need every gear you can get, especially a low (or "granny") gear, which really puts the truck's torque to good use. Dodge is one of the FEW truck companies still offering a manual transmission and a low gear. Connected to their Cummins diesel with a mind boggling 660 foot-pounds of torque, a Dodge truck is pretty handy at pulling anything. If all your 4x4 buddies are always getting their rigs stuck in the mud, grab a Dodge with a manual trans and pull them out.

Jeep Wrangler (Rubicon)

Jeep. Wrangler. JK. Need we say more? With a manual, and trailing or clearing boulders, it's a three step dance on the floor board between the throttle, brake, and the clutch. That dance can give you some great lifetime moments to tell your kids about, and maybe a diaper change if you're not careful. But you wouldn't have it any other way. It just FEELS like you're really trailing in a 4x4 when you have a manual transmission. Sure, you could be trailing with an automatic transmission. - sucking on a Big Gulp and doing your nails at the same time - but where's the fun in that? Put that 285hp 3.6L to use and treat it to a manual transmission! jeep-wrangler-rubiconfront
Sometimes it's hard to describe how it feels to manually shift. It's never the same, no matter how many times and how many miles you do it. Many people today have never drove a manual. Or, they've driven with an automatic transmission for so many years, that the thrill of driving is just gone. If you test drive a Jeep at a dealership, test drive a manual one. Ask them. See what you think. Drive your friend's manual Jeeps, especially off road. We think the thrill will come back to you, or you'll be introduced to an all new version of fun. Shift your thinking! Go for the thrill!

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