June has been a busy month. Coming off Memorial Day, going into Father's Day, and prepping for Independence Day, there was a lot going on. We had a lot of fun checking out some of the military's new equipment, seeing some dangerous and jaw dropping trails, and watching Jeeps rock crawl. We also saw how some people have taken to living in their Jeeps and some Special Editions of Renegades and Wranglers.

The Polaris MRZR - The U.S. Army's Newest Vehicle

The Polaris MRZR is a lightweight vehicle the military is testing for use in battle scenarios. THe MRZR 2 and MRZR 4 models are versatile off-road vehicles that come with a lot of options for different mission specs. Its got all-wheel drive, infrared lights, and a diesel engine. Check out their website all the gritty details about this rugged and clever little SUV. Polaris-MRZR

Couple Plans to Take Wrangler Across Africa

Jared Simpsons and Jen Usinger saved for a few years to make their dreams come to fruition. They'll be adventuring along the continent of Africa over a couple of years as they adopt a nomadic life full of twists and turns. See the original post to find their blog and Instagram channel. Their Wrangler, named Snort, is a diesel powered monster ready for all the off-road has waiting for him. couple-wrangler-africa

Black Bear Road Will Make You Think Twice

We like to post videos of Jeepers doing their thing out in the wilderness. Whether they're rock crawling or trailing, we like to reminder of being out of the confinement of our nine-to-fives. Some of us are lucky enough to be able to work around Jeeps. Others get to live vicariously through these videos until the weekend comes. This post featured Black Bear Road in the Rocky Mountains. We got a kick out of the passenger's spirited commentary. We loved the views, most of all.

World’s Most Dangerous Road?

Here's another video with beautiful views. Except, they're also terrifying. This is supposedly the most dangerous road in the world, and it's in India. These guys on their motorcycles make it look easy, but don't let that fool you. Just watching the video gives me anxiety.

Crawlin' Comanche Conquers Utah

We love this Jeep Comanche Chief. It feels as though there is nothing this truck can't crawl over. It's got big tires, great clearance, and premium spotters to help the driver get across some pretty hardcore spots. After a full day of crawling, it came out with minimal damage to the bumper. You know, just a scratch.

Wrangler Resident Gives Tour of His Jeep

We had fun watching this guy give us a tour of his residence, AKA his Wrangler. And by the way, it's a 2 door Wrangler. Talk about a Spartan lifetstyle. He keeps the bare minimum with him and makes living with the bare necessities look so much fun. In a world full of commercialism and the desire to accumulate things, Jake Wettern shows how you can have it all with so little. Don't forget to follow him and keep up with his adventures.

Jeep Takes on a 90° Angle

Watch and learn. It's too good not to. You can follow Dan Pulsford to see more of this sweet Comanche Chief.

Wrangler "CJ300 Black Hawk Edition" By Chelsea Truck Company

The Chelsea Truck Company put out a kit for the Wrangler. It's got a 2.8 liter diesel engine, honey-comb stitched leather seats, and much more. You can read more about this sweet Wrangler here. Wrangler CJ300 Blackhawk Edition

We Can't Stop Watching this 1960 Willys Restoration Video

Not to be outdone by all the others, this late June post takes us back into time. This restoration video comes from Icon 4x4 and tells the story of this Willys' past life. It used to pick up school children for summer camp. Now it lives its new life looking awesome with brand new technology and sleek design modifications that keep it in line with 1960s design style.
We hope you enjoyed the recap of June's best blog posts. What was your favorite post this month? Tell us in the comments!

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