Everyone has their favorite Jeep off road trails. They provide a place to connect to nature or even test the prowess of your 4x4 vehicle. Depending on where you're from and where you've driven, we each have our favorite spots to trail. Much appreciation to partcatalog.com for the original post and leg work. The good people over there did a great job of taking a survey to determine everyone's favorite off road trails. They also put together some data on all the vehicles driving these trails. Put it all together and you've got one big list of 4x4 trails in America.

2015 Off Road Trails Survey Results

Below, in alphabetical order, each state lists the top 5 trails according to the survey conducted by partcatalog.com. Check it out! Warning: It's a long-scroller.
And just for fun, another part of the survey shows which 4x4 vehicle is used most. It looks like about one third or more of the drivers who took the off road trails survey are doing it in a Wrangler. Almost half of all surveyed are wheeling some kind of Jeep. top-off-road-vehicles-chart
All in all we think this is a great list to reference for anyone traveling across the country and looking for trails in uncharted territory.  We also have a pretty big list of off road trails too. Just another resource for your convenience. Have you trailed on any of these on the list? What's your favorite? Tell us about it!

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