Bestop reaches out and helps fellow Jeeper in Colorado.

The Jeep community is large, and it’s planet wide. But how we reach out to others in our own community and back yards is what keeps the Jeep family strong. Sure, there’s a few bad apples, like the Jeep guy that stole a pair of doors right out of another Jeep owners ride. But that’s not the norm. In fact, quite the opposite. Conrad Belknap lives in Denver Colorado, and he’s the Jeep owner who had his doors stolen. We’re talking a loss of around $ 1600.00. That’s a healthy chunk of cash, especially when most Jeep owners are average hard working Joes (and Janes) , just trying to keep food on the table and get through daily life. Belknap reached out to Fox31 Problem Solvers to make the theft public and reach out to the local and Jeep communities. It’s doubtful he ever would have expected how far his extended family would go to help out a fellow Jeeper. Fortunately, the newscast was seen by one of the employees of the premier Jeep soft top company in the world, Bestop, from Louisville, Colorado. Literally right next door. The CEO of Bestop, John Larson, took immediate action. He comments, “One of our employees was watching Problem Solvers and said ‘you know what,  here's someone, a Jeeper who really didn't deserve what happened to him". Mr. Larson quickly donated two new doors to replace the stolen ones, and he even gave Belknap a new top. This not only get’s Belknap ready for another day in his Jeep, it will help him in the cold Colorado winter coming up in the next few months. John Larson comments, "We've been part of this community for 60 years. Jeep is in our blood. And it was the right thing to do.”