New from Bestop, the Supertop NX soft top is a great top that fits on Wrangler models ranging from 1997 to 2016.

Bestop Twill Supertop NX for Jeep Wranglers

One of the strongest points about the Supertop NX is the Lifetime Warranty. Bestop has it's heart and soul in these popular tops and goes all the way to make sure it's a top you can depend on year after year. The Bestop Twill Supertop NX is a better replacement choice than going back to stock. Did your original soft top come with a Lifetime Warranty? No. So why go back to the same old top? The Supertop NX includes factory hardware, so the top installs without a fuss. It even uses a factory style windshield channel and surrounds as well. You might be considering a replacement top like a MOPAR Premium top, but the Bestop has the edge. The Supertop NX features tough durable sailcloth fabric, tinted windows, a top arch support, and an adjustable plate to keep the top taught. Bestop clearly sets the pace. And don't forget the great Lifetime Warranty! Supertop-NX-Twill-Fabric-diagram
So now you're probably thinking about the installation. Considering Bestop is the largest soft top manufacturer for Jeeps, they know quite a bit about getting a soft top to fit correctly, and one that will work well in the long haul. The Twill fabric of the soft top is thick and hefty, and clearly made to last. Twill is manufactured from of a 30-oz. triple-layer black material, and is stronger than most soft top fabrics on the market today. The Twill material helps keep the soft top's shape, and is normally found only on high end sports cars, like a BMW or a Mercedes. As you can imagine, it's far more durable than your average "sail cloth" soft top. Each piece of the kit has been well engineered to not only make your soft top fit right, but keep it tight and functional for years to come. As mentioned, you get the hardware you need to make installation as painless as possible. Parts include the front and rear door rails, bow mount brackets (which are adjustable by the way), foam seals, adjustment knobs, cable guides, strap kit, side bows, and more. Other than a power drill, the rest of the tools are simple hand held tools, and no real fabrication is needed. Bestop has already done most of the work for you. Supertop-NX-Twill-Hardware The Supertop NX is, in a word: super. The slanted sport back profile makes it good looking, but practical. The rear windows can easily be removed with zippers. The back window also uses a zipper so you can remove it in seconds. The front portion can fold back similar to a Sunrider flip top. Best of all, the entire top can be moved back and folded down in the rear, to give you all the blue sky and sunshine you can absorb while on the trail, checking out the beach, or just tooling around town. In a few minutes, you can easily unfold the top, pull it up and clamp it back at the windshield. Now you're ready in case of bad weather or just need to get the top up for a night out So now you've got a top that allows you to get the most air you can without actually having to take the entire top off. Pretty convenient, eh? And with the top up, you get the full top protection treatment when you need it, on your own own terms. Supertop-NX-sunrider-Fold-Back
This is a popular top with Customers for many reasons. The warranty, the ease of installation, and it's durability. Others think so too: Off Road Adventures calls the Bestop Supertop NX "..the only way to get all the brackets and hardware needed to retrofit a soft top other than a trip (or two) to the dealer..." And Wranglerforum says "...looks great and functions well... " The Bestop Supertop NXs are available for the Wrangler TJs and the Jeep Wrangler JKs.If you're looking for a soft top that doesn't require bows, check out the Twill Trektop NX, also from Bestop. Why settle for a stock replacement when you can add a Supertop to your Super Jeep? What kind of top are you looking for to replace your old soft top?