Black Bear Road is the inspiration for the Black Bear Wrangler. And rightly so, because it is a popular and dangerous Jeep trail in Telluride, CO. Black Bear Road is part of the Rocky Mountain Range, and Jeepers can't stop making there way out there to take on the trail and test their mettle. The Wrangler named after the famous trail has a graphic of the trail. This doesn't seem to be this couple's first trail ride together, but it's likely their first run on this trail. What would make me come to that conclusion? I don't know, maybe by the sound of the woman in the video?! It looks like they came out just fine on the other end. And the male voice in the video definitely wants to come back and do it again. Maybe without his lady, though. Just inches from the edge at almost 13,000 ft. up into the sky, it would definitely provide some breathtaking views and bloodcurdling moments. The trail is only open a few months out of the year and can only be traveled downhill from Red Mountain Pass. The only exemption is for Jeeper's Jamboree, one day a year. Do you think you have the chops to take on the Black Bear?Tell us in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: