Blast From the Past: A Rare Encounter with a War Legend

willysmb_1 While Working on our forum, I got a call to come up to the sales office. Once there, I see Brandon (a lifetime custom who comes to us for all his Jeep parts) standing with one of our sales guys. Brandon has a massive smile on his face and asks if I can come over to his shop to look at a Jeep. Im thinking he’s got some caged Jeep Cherokee XJ with a 6 inch Skyjacker lift waiting for me at the shop. Later on, I stopped by the shop and was quickly rushed to the back bay. My jaw dropped.... I could not believe what I was looking at. There in the back of the shop was the cleanest 1945 Willys MB. My instinct took over as I grabbed for my phone to take pictures. I felt like the little boy in the Coca Cola, Mean Joe Green commercial. I was in awe over this legend of Jeeps. I asked to sit in the passenger seat, I knew I might never get a chance to do so again. Brandon laughed replied “ We can take it out for a test drive!” (being he had to anyways). My eyes widen like a kid on the verge of a sugar rush. I could only imagine being on the middle of Europe in one of these things. We got about a block down the road before other people started driving next to us, whipped out their IPhones and started recording us. It wasn’t just "a Jeep thing", It was an everything. The people didn't know what they were looking at, but knew it was special. Spending over 25+ years in South Florida, Ive seen and driven tons of exotic cars. It seems names like Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron's are a dime a dozen in comparison to a 1945 Willys MB. willysmb3 willysmb2 willysmb4 willysmb5