Wondering if you can put a body lift kit on your Cherokee? Heck, if you have a welder, sawzall, and a BFH, and you want to get all Mad Maxx on your Cherokee, anything's possible. Oh, you mean do it with like, a kit of something? Okay then, let's discuss which Jeep Cherokees you can put a body lift on.

Body Lift Kits for the SJ Jeep Cherokees

If you're driving an older Cherokee, you know, the Big Bad Cherokee, the one with the V8, the one built like a battleship, then the answer is: Heck Yeah! The older style SJ Cherokees and Wagoneers use a full ladder frame, like a truck. Well, actually they are a truck, but the point is, like a pickup truck, or even a Jeep Wrangler, they have a full size frame. That means the body is attached to the frame with body mounts. Those body mounts (at least the stock factory ones) are made of rubber. If you unbolt those mounts, pulling out the bolts, you can lift the body right off the frame. Then you could install a body mount lift. Using a thicker body mount (thicker than the stock ones), you'll be raising the body higher off the frame. This in turn gives you more "height." By lifting the body higher than stock you can use larger tires in the wheel well. Now you have more clearance. We carry two sizes for body lift kits for the Wagoneer: a 2-inch lift, and a 3-inch lift. For the most part, they are bolt-on kits. The hard part is lifting the body up off the frame (not really an easy thing when Superman is outta town). But it's usually way easier than a suspension lift kit, and causes fewer drive-ability issues. That's why body lifts are so appealing.

Body Lift Kits for XJ Cherokee

Let me tell you, if we could sell a body lift kit for an XJ Cherokee, we'd need a 100 FED-EX/UPS trucks to get them out the door everyday. But that's not gonna happen. The bad news is, the 1984-2001 XJ Cherokees use a uni-body frame. Like a car. That means it uses sub frames, but you can't actually lift the entire body up off the frame. They are integral, the body and sub frames. In reality, it's a question we get everyday because XJ Cherokees are so popular! But anybody's that's taken five minutes to look under an XJ Cherokee knows that there's no place to put body mounts, or a way to lift the whole body up off the chassis.

Cheroke XJ Suspension Lifts

But wait! That doesn't mean you can't have a lifted Cherokee XJ. Trust me, there are numerous lift kits for XJ Cherokees to get you deep in the bush and high in the mountains where even the bears don't go. You've seen those Beast XJs driving around, so you know they can be lifted. First off, you can use spring spacers, which are a similar concept to a body lift. You're just using a large spacer to raise the vehicle up for more height and clearance. We carry those spacers by Daystar, Terraflex, Skyjacker, Energy Suspensions and others. The mild ones don't require longer shocks or drastic mods, and the next ones up, to say, 2.5 inches, only require a few extra parts. Now, if you need to jump up to 3 or 4 inches, you can get a full tilt suspension lift. We carry them by Warrior, Skyjacker, Rough Country, Rubicon, ORV, Tough Country, Pro Comp and Zone Offroad. These require a bit more work, and you usually have to swap out the springs along with several other parts, but they can lift your XJ Cherokee. Looking to go even further? How about a 4.5 to 8 inch suspension lift? You can do that too on an XJ Cherokee. Skyjacker, Rubicon, and Rough Country all make kits to get you the maximum safe lift the XJ can handle. So don't sweat it of there's no body lift kit, and your Cherokee has a uni-body. There are plenty of lift kits to build that XJ of your dreams.

New Jeep Cherokee Body Lift Kits

Unfortunately, the newer Cherokees are also uni-bodies, so a body lift it is not likely going to happen anytime soon. I don't think Jeep will go back to a ladder truck frame on their SUVs. Currently the aftermarket companies haven't stepped up with any lift kits for the new Cherokee bodies, but time will tell. I'm sure we will carry them when they come out. So can you get a body lift for your Cherokee? Yes and no, depending on what kind of Cherokee you have. And even if it's an XJ, we have plenty of ways to get your beast lifted. What are you waiting for? Jack that XJ up ! PS. The airplane is a Piper Cherokee. No we don't have body lift kits OR suspension lift kits for those. But feel free to make your own.