Bolt Locks at Morris 4x4 Center
Let's face it, you spend a lot of time and hard earned dollars making your Jeep or truck the best it can be. That means getting the best high-quality parts and accessories. The problem is, those parts, and your ride, can be vulnerable to someone helping themselves to them when you might not be around. For situations like these, Morris 4x4 Center now carries BOLT locks, which use a one-key technology to make it easier, and very convenient, to lock up the things you want to protect. Many times folks skip locking up something because you have to carry a dozen keys. A key for your boat lock, keys for your trailer locks, maybe keys for a hood lock. Figuring it all out, or carrying all those keys can be a hassle. But BOLT locks can make it fast and easy to secure your items.

BOLT Uses Single-Key Lock Sets

The BOLT Series of locks lets you set all your truck, trailer and equipment locks to work with one key – your ignition key! You never have to worry about forgetting lock keys on a trip, or going camping, or packing up. If you have your ignition key with you, you're ready to go! BOLT locks are vehicle specific. So if you have a Jeep, it's designed to use a Jeep key. The locks themselves are designed to be extremely, if not impossible to pick or open without the proper key. Once the lock has been "programmed" to your key, it can never be "reprogrammed" again. Meaning, another key (That may not be yours) can never be used. So you don't have to worry about someone else's Jeep key (or any key) fitting your locks.

Top BOLT Lock and Security Products

BOLT locks are available for a wide variety of uses. But for a Jeep, there are some great locks and products to secure and protect what you have safely. A few of them are:
  • Hi-Lift Jack Mounts Left or Right side - Tired of fishing around looking for that key just to remove the jack when you need it most? Not any more. Jump out of your Jeep, insert your ignition key into the lock, and bam - you're ready to rock and roll !
  • Hitch Receiver Lock 1/2" or 5/8" - If you pull a trailer, for boating or camping, you know this will save you a lot of hassle. Fast and easy, you can lock and unlock your trailer in seconds.
  • If you have some high end engine parts under the hood, or want to make sure your battery doesn't walk away (that's a $ 100.00+ right there!), the BOLT hood lock and bracket can secure your hood - big time.
  • How many times have people lost the key to the spare lock? Or dropped it off at the shop and didn't leave it with them? Or went on the trails and FORGOT the key. Not any more. Now all you need is your ignition key and presto - take your spare tire off with the spare tire lock from BOLT.
  • BOLT's cable lock is Great for locking just about anything.  Lock your bicycle to your Jeep  or to your top rack. Lock something to your roll bar. Lock something to your bumper.  It's quick and easy to use.
BOLT 6' Cable Lock
These are just some of the common uses. Once you use a BOLT lock, you'll want several to lock up all your stuff! They are so easy to use, and having one key is the best way to go. These are locks for real life conditions. Especially for Jeep folks who are always on the move - trailing, towing, and far from home. Protect your Jeep and your accessories - the BOLT lock way! See ya on the trails!