Bournival Jeep Off Road Winterland Toy Drive

It takes a lot to break out of the mold and sometimes ho-hum of another holiday. Sometimes you feel in a rut, and that this year might just be the same as last year or the last few. You need something different. After all, what if you could combine Jeeps, trailing, and Christmas fun? Well, at Bournival Jeep in Portsmouth, Jeremy Brocato (who’s a leasing and sales consultant for the dealership), decided to do something different and amazing. Not only for Jeep fans but for the community and the local kids. Using his skills with lighting and synched music, he created an off-road Christmas light show that combined all the stuff that adults and kids enjoy: lights, music, trailing, and Jeeps. Oh yeah! A fellow employee, Steve Tobey helped as well to string thousands of lights. The two figure they have over 80 hours creating the trail that has now added obstacles and enhancements for drivers to trail around. So it's not just a light show, you actually get to do some night trailing with the whole family. Cool! The off-road park is at some property that lies behind the Lafayette Road dealership. That is where the now “Bournival Jeep Off Road Winterland” takes place. The folks at Bournival Jeep ask that participants bring a new unwrapped toy, for a boy or girl. They're also collecting food for the Seacoast Family Food Pantry. Along with blankets, toys, and food for dogs and cats. Those goods will be donated to the local Cocheco Valley Humane Society. The event is free to the public, Friday, December 16 and 17, 6 to 8 PM. So stop buy and support the worthy causes. They have a 1946 Willys Jeep in the showroom, and they hope to fill that 4x4 up with plenty of goods for everyone and make Christmas a great time for those who may not have it as good as we do. Cheers to Jeremy Brocato and Steve Tobey. Way to go guys!