Auto and truck parts brands are far and wide. There's a lot to choose from. Some companies started 100 or more years ago, some started just last year. But the list is growing every day. More parts, more options for Customers, and more brands to choose from. With so many ways to go, how do you know which brand offers the best Jeep parts for your ride?

Jeep Parts Brand a Matter of Preference?

When it comes to auto / truck parts, which one is best depends on what you're doing, what you use your vehicle for, and how much of an interest you have in what parts go on your ride. Your average driver or car owner probably doesn't care what goes on their vehicle as far as brand. They only want a part that's "good" or will "last a long time" or one that simply "fixes the problem". They more or less rely on the people selling the parts to give them one that will meet their criteria, even though it might not be 100% car related. There's nothing wrong with that, because many times it's more economical to buy the part yourself, rather than a shop buying it and selling it to you with a markup. Hey, everyone wants to save a few dollars here and there. We get that. In many cases like these, it's not about the brand, it's about the cost. Many vehicle drivers couldn't name five parts brands on one hand. It's just not in their interest to know. So for them the best brand is the one that fixes the problem, is low cost, and works. In most cases, the vehicle will be stock with few modifications, so it's usually not a big deal. Morris 4x4 carries stock replacement parts, and we're happy to help Customers get what they need. That's what we do. It's nothing to stress about really. We specialize is high-quality brands, so no matter what you get, you would be getting a name brand part. But those discount parts places? They probably have the cheapest parts they could find fresh off the boat. And they probably came in a box with a brand label even I've never heard of, and I've been in the business 34 years. So while you may not know a bunch of parts brands off the top of your head, if you buy parts from a trusted company that sells good parts (like us), it won't matter.

Fan Favorite Jeep Parts Brands

It's true, some folks have brands they like and prefer, for many reasons. Maybe their father or relatives used the brand. Maybe they've had good luck with a certain auto parts brand, and that brand is durable and long lasting. Maybe they just like that company's designs, or how they build their product. When it comes to Jeep and 4x4 parts, you can bet those parts have been tested, beaten, and thrashed by Customers. So unlike, say, a stock outer wheel bearing for '75 Vega, Jeep parts have to go the distance and far beyond what the original part was probably meant to do. Companies who build truck and Jeep parts build their reputations on the quality of their parts, and that makes it easier for them to get a lifetime Customer. Lot's of Jeepers have their favorite brands, and all of us here at Morris 4x4 Center have our own as well (we use these parts on our own trucks and Jeeps of course). For them, the best brand will be the one that's allowed them to have a reliable vehicle they can depend on.

Using OE Parts On Your Jeep

When you see "OE", that stands for "Original Equipment". Or sometimes you might see "OEM", which stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". You will see these in reference to parts, even Jeep parts, all the time. For a Jeep, this usually means a Chrysler / Jeep or MOPAR part. If a part is OE, that means the part is the same part that was installed on the vehicle when it was assembled at the factory (unless, for instance,  it's been updated, altered, or modified to be used in a recall). If a part is OEM instead, that means the company that manufacturers that specific part is the same company that made the part for the vehicle manufacturer. It sounds cut and dry, but there are gray areas. When a part is OE, it's usually sold or distributed by the auto manufacturer. For instance, Morris 4x4 carries MOPAR parts for Jeeps. Unless it's a Chrysler-Jeep accessory or upgrade, most MOPAR parts are the exact same one as the factory used when they built the vehicle on the assembly line. Many drivers like to use these factory parts because they know it will fit the same as the old part did. They know if the old part lasted 100,000+ miles, the new one probably will too. There's just something about using the same exact part that's comforting. In many cases, it's those 'hard to find' parts that MOPAR makes that no one else does. We want to help you keep your Jeep on the road, and it makes sense for us to carry the original line of parts for those Customers who use them (and boy do they!).

Explaining OEM Parts

OEM can mean different things. But the best way to describe it is to give an example. Ford Lightnings (for many years) used Bilstein shocks as OE. When you bought a new Lightning off the lot, it came with four new Bilstein shocks. Now, Bilstein is an aftermarket company. So when Bilstein says their shocks are OEM for a Ford, that's correct (other car companies use their shocks as well, from Porsche and Ferrari to GM trucks). So if parts are OEM, are they the same parts? Not always. The parts that are constructed and made the way the vehicle manufacturer specifies are one kind of part. But when the parts manufacturer makes the same parts for themselves, aftermarket, they make them the way THEY want to, not the way the manufacture did. That usually means the aftermarket parts are made better, since the manufacturer has their reputation on the line, and can also improve their designs. If a company was making engine mounts, and they said, "We are the OEM on all Chrysler K cars", well, that's not very exciting, and might have a negative connotation to it. If a company says, "We are the OEM on all Military HUMMVs", well then, that's probably a positive view, especially if you're a 4x4 enthusiasts. See how that works?

Different Grades of Jeep Parts

Sometimes when comparing a part, there can be a winner and a loser. If you only need a stock part, than that part should work fine. You don't need the part to be twice as beefy and built to take on the Rubicon Trail. So a brand that makes stock replacement parts can still be a good brand (MOPAR, Omix, etc.). If you need an upgraded part, one for off-roading, then you may want to step up with a different brand, such as Rough Country or Rugged Ridge. They make parts that are for off-roading, so they are stronger, bigger, and built for that abuse. Are they better than a stock part? Of course. But that's not an insult to companies that make stock replacement parts. Look at it this way. The "best" part to use is relative to what you're going to do with your Jeep and how you plan on driving it. In the stock world of auto parts, yeah, there's a lot of room for better, best, good and garbage. Those chain stores have to carry the widest variety of stuff they can, for a thousand different cars. Even if you don't know where they found those parts or who makes them. But for us? It's not really a matter of the "best" brand or parts to use. We only carry top brands, so it's more like, "how crazy you wanna get with that Jeep off-road?". Trust me , we do crazy when it comes to Jeep parts and your ride.