Calf Catches a Ride in a Jeep

Recently a woman was driving in Michigan and came across a back seat rider in the Jeep Wrangler in front of her. When you glance at it quickly, it almost looks like the world's largest Dalmatian dog. However, she soon realizes that it is a calf  (that is a young, baby cow to you city folks). So what does she do? She takes a quick video with her phone to share it with the world. It looks quite roomy in the back of the Jeep, and the calf moves around freely. He or she almost look like they wish a window were down so they can hang their head out. However, with the light snow seen in the clip, and the cold drizzle of rain, we are pretty sure it is probably way too cold to drop a window down.

The woman mentions that the calf may be riding to the local livestock sale. So possibly, this Jeeper does this all the time. So why not? Jeeps are all about getting the job done, and this driver has made good use of his / hers.

It is no surprise that Jeep owners like to take their pets for rides when they trail in the woods, to the lake, out in the mountains. We are not sure how a cat would do in the Jeep woods of Montana, but more than likely, your dogs will love it. Looking for some parts to keep your dog safe while hitting the trails? There is an accessory for that.

In a topless Jeep Wrangler, your dog can get fresh air from just about anywhere inside. One Jeeper used to take his pet lizard to the beach. Also, more than one has taken a pet parrot or snake for a ride in their Jeep.

So what is the strangest animal that's traveled in your Jeep?