Carolina Metal Masters Rear Grab Handles from Morris 4x4 Center

carolina metal masters jeep grab handles
Taking a Jeep on the trail can be a bumpy ride. Sometimes the passengers bouncing around in the back might feel like a couple of dice in a tin can. Or maybe your lift kit makes it just a little to hard to take that first step in. But no worries. Here at the Morris 4x4 Center, we have a solution for that problem your crew may appreciate. We're talking Carolina Metal Masters new rear billet loop Grab Handles. Like your Jeep, these grab handles are as tough as a rabid wolverine and built to take whatever you can throw at them. Made with 6061 aluminum stanchions and 7075 aluminum bolts, these grab handles are high quality with no compromises, no apologies. They're anodized in black, so they not only go with any interior color option, they will be able to handle severe outside weather conditions and terrains. They offer a firm solid grip for getting in and out of your Jeep, especially if it has a lift kit, and as an optional holding handle while in motion. Two good points for safety. Here at Morris 4x4 Center, we sell them as a pair for your convenience. How's that for easy ordering? Due to Carolina Metal Masters precise engineering, these handles install as a completely bolt on part. That's right, just about anyone can do it with a few tools and some free time. So there's no excuse for your passengers complaining that they can't climb into the back, or they don't want you to run over those big rocks (seriously, isn't that what Jeeps are for?). Tell'em to get a grip. Get'em some serious grab handles from Morris 4x4 Center. They'll thank you for it!