Who'd have thought Cars & Coffee meetups could be so dangerous?! Jeep drivers are no strangers to some level of danger when it comes to off-roading. But that's basically in a controlled environment, with willing participants. What we have here is a dangerous display of what not do to when you want to impress your friends.

Cars & Coffee and Near-Collisions

The driver of this BMW M3 was leaving a local "Cars and Coffee" club meeting in Boise, ID. This would-be Fast & Furious stunt double thought he'd impress pedestrians and other club members by swerving and drifting into traffic. With little experience under his belt, he barely avoids colliding with the unsuspecting Jeep Liberty minding its own business. Suffice it to say, everyone involved is lucky it didn't take a turn for the worse. The Boise Cars and Coffee branch of the group meets every third Saturday from April - September. Focused on getting auto enthusiasts to meet and discuss their passions, their page clearly states:
We do not allow foolish antics in or around the event
I guess someone didn't get the memo. All jokes aside, it should go without saying how dangerous and inconsiderate of other people's safety this attempt was. And even though you'd think this was a common sense judgment call, there have been many collisions and near-collisions connected to the mild mannered event. Hopefully this will be a long-lasting lesson to the driver. Thanks to Car Scoops for the original post, where you can see some other drivers losing control. What are your thoughts on the despicable drifter? Tell us in comments!

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