This isn't our blog's first time encountering Casey Neistat. If you recall, we covered a snowboarder pulled by a Jeep back in January. That's him. This guy loves making film. And from what we can gather he also really loves Jeep. He has combined his love for film making and Jeeps to make some pretty entertaining videos. This time around we encounter Casey and his son take on the world in a Wrangler. Check them out below.

The JK Jeep appears to be stock. We can't tell if this is done in one afternoon or on two separate days, but it's clear they are having a blast taking on the trails and puddles behind a local target and somewhere else. They end up needing a tow from a Mercedes Benz, of all things. Ha! Some people like to experiment with their Jeeps to learn a lesson. In this case, Casey Neistat just wanted to have a good time. And who could blame him? It looks like an awesome afternoon. You can follow the Casey Neistat Vlog on Youtube and check out all the antics he's cooking up over there. What do you make of the video? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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