If you've had a handling issue, a death-wobble, or something that just doesn't seem right when tooling down the road at your favorite speed, we may have touched on that subject before here on our Blog. So to save you some time, you may want to glance through some of these topics and see if we can give you some ideas on what to look for.

Jeep Handling Issues

One common item to inspect are the Track Bars. Whether yours are new, old, worn, bent, whatever,knowing what to look for, and how to determine what could be wrong with them, is a good start. Check out our "Worn Track Bar Recipe for Death Wobble" topic.  Of all the parts on a Jeep, the Track Bar is a serious contender for being the first choice as the cause of a handling or Death Wobble issue. See why it's an easy inspection and an easy part to get replaced. Track Bar and Death Wobble Next up are the sway bars. You might have one in the front, one in the rear, or maybe none at all. But they can be quite useful at highway speeds. Best of all they're traditionally easy to install, and have no moving parts to wear out. Except for the bushings, the bars can last a lifetime in most cases. See our "Fix Jeep Wrangler or Cherokee Body Roll with a Sway Bar Upgrade" article to learn more. Sway Bar Jeep Wrangler JK
When was the last time you had your tires balanced? A few months ago? Or when they were new - LIKE FIVE YEARS AGO? Did you think a tire stays balanced forever? Not likely. You can get the pros and cons and the full scoop on tire balancing in our handy article, "Unbalanced Jeep Tires and the Death Wobble." Believe me, I wish I had a dollar every time I saw a dead wheel weight on the side of the road  ..... those little rascals don't like to stay on! Unbalanced-Jeep-Wrangler-Tires Hows that Jeep or Truck alignment treating you. No idea? When was the last time you jumped a curb or did a Bo & Luke Duke jump in your XJ Wrangler? Yeah, your alignment just gave up on getting those tires straight. It's probably time to get it checked ... again. Before dragging out the string and pencil to mark your Toe settings, we've got a couple of articles that might help your Jeep. Number one to see is our, "Jeep Toe: What It Means and What You Should Have".  Ahhh ... seems like only yesterday you had an alignment and everything was straight as an arrow. Those days are gone my friend after that crazy trail ride you did last week. Toe
Say, while you're catching up on the Toe IN/OUT, see the article on Caster settings. Aptly named, "Jeep Caster Angle Settings Explained."  It's a doozy. We've got lots of tech jargon in there and some pictures. But then, you're Jeepers, so we know you'll feel right at home at us getting all gear-head on ya.
These are just a few of the articles we pop up to answer some common questions about Jeeps and trucks now and then. It's always good to drop by and see what's new.  Jeep owners are always thinking about Jeeps, and so do we, so follow what we're doing and get the latest info first.

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