Chainlink 4x4 Flex Game is Strong

This chainlink 4x4 is a sight to see. It's got a unique setup with hydraulically controlled swing arms. It can get around 7' of up or down motion on each tire, has a Ford 5.0 V8 engine and a C4 transmission from a Bronco. Have a look at the monster to see how it takes on the rugged terrain.

Let's see how many lines we can come up with:
  • This thing flexes more than Mr. Universe
  • This thing has more articulation than an English professor
  • This thing is more flexible than a master yogi
Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves. While it's not a Jeep, we can still appreciate how some people engineer their own rigs and make their way out onto the terrain. We're pretty impressed with the flex and think it'd be a fun ride. What do you think of the chainlink 4x4? Tell us in the comments!

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