Change has come, and today we finally reveal the changes we've been hinting at for a long time. First of all, if you didn't catch the new logo in the image background, that would be first to note. The New Morris comes with a fresh logo and website overhaul. The website has been revamped from top to bottom, making it easier to use from the moment you land on site.

2017 Morris 4x4 Center Changes

In addition, visitors coming from mobile phones and tablets will love knowing that our new site is responsive, making it incredibly easy to navigate when searching for Jeep parts away from your desktop at home. Other Site upgrades include improved search function, live chat, vehicle fitment options that show you parts just for your Jeep, and financing options, so you can get the parts you want sooner, rather than later. All of these changes so far only address our website; Morris is introducing more than our upgraded website. For the first time in many years, we are also releasing a Spring catalog. And while all of the noted changes really are something to be excited about, we've still got a few things up our sleeves. Giving you the best service experience and connecting you to your outdoor passion is our main objective. Keep an eye out for more new changes throughout the year as they develop. Don't forget about our 3rd Annual Jeep Event coming April 22. You're not going to miss this one! What do you think about the New Morris? Tell us in the comments!

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