Change is coming to Morris 4x4 Center. With 2017 being a big year for us and our customers, we want to make a big splash and a good impression. And while we can't spill the beans just yet, just know that we've got some pretty sweet stuff in store for you.

What Change is Coming?

Several changes have to do with how customers interact with us online. There will be many other new initiatives and benefits coming to you as well, but perhaps I've said too much... In addition to the new benefits mentioned above, just around the corner we have our 3rd Annual Morris Jeep Event, which is always a good time. Make sure that you, your Jeep club, and all of your friends and family pre-register ahead of time.

You might be thinking "What kind of change is coming, and what is going on over there at Morris?" Big things, for sure. If that answer isn't vague enough, you just may find some answers in the video above. But until our big reveal, our lips are sealed. What kind of changes do you think are coming to the #NewMorris? Tell us in the comments!

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