Chrysler is offering a bug bounty to well-intended tech savvy hackers who identify cybersecurity problems with its connected services. With news of hackers using laptops to either break into or create key fobs to steal Jeeps, FCA is looking to nip this is the bud. And we can't forget to mention the hacking recall of 1.4 million vehicles early this year. The bug bounty comes in the midst of partnering with Google to create self driving minivans and further the development of those kinds of vehicles. The last thing Chrysler would want is a bunch of wirelessly connected vehicles at the disposal of hackers and thieves. 2017-Chrysler-Pacifica-Hybrid The program offers $150 - $1500 to the people who identify and report bugs, depending on the size and severity. FCA US has even gone as far as partnering with Bugcrowd, a crowdsourced cybersecurity company, to help with bug bounty proceedings. We hope they exterminate all the bugs to keep Jeep buyers safe in the future. What do you think about the bug bounty? Tell us in the comments! Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: