Chrysler Comes Out With a Technical Service Bulletin for Death Wobble

After years in the making, with hundreds of complaints of this Jeep "Death Wobble" and now backing from Democratic California Representatives Henry Waxman and Anna Eshoo. Chrysler is acknowledging an issues with Jeep steering and suspension components. Chrysler has released a Technical Service Bulletin. Due to a heavy vibration in the steering system transmitted throughout the steering wheel and suspension. It is also known to us as "Death Wobble".

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) release a statement earlier this year stating “The issues does not result in loss of control,” which did not lead to a Recall by Chrysler. Chrysler say there are many causes for them to issue the Technical Service Bulletin for the Death Wobble, including the installation of aftermarket wheels and tires, incorrect air pressure, worn steering and suspension parts. But Chrysler telling Jeep owners to not modify or upgrade their Jeep is simply crazy talk in my opinion. Its like telling dog not to bark or wag its tail.

There have been many viral video online and forum discussion on the "death wobble" but it seemed after a local ABC News Network reported on this issue back in the early 2012. Chrysler looked future into the possible issues with their Jeeps concerning "The death wobble". This is great news for the Jeep community who has been waiting for a solution to ongoing "Death Wobble" problem for years.