CJ Series Spare Tire Carrier Solutions

Since the first days of the Willys MB military Jeeps, adding the spare tire to the outside of a Jeep has been, well, something of a tradition. More than that, it's practical. I mean, it certainly won't fit inside with you, right? While the CJ-series Jeeps don't always have the fancy tire carriers like today - you know, the ones that are built like the space shuttle, and do everything but make coffee, there's nothing wrong with some simple engineering to get the job done. On older Jeep CJ's the spare tire often mounted to the side of the Jeep. It was mounted directly to the sheet metal. Some reports say the sheet metal was reinforced from on the backside, so this may not be a good idea as a retro fit, but could be done with the right modifications. But if you're replacing an old rusty one, or one that's gone missing, you want to use the Omix Spare Tire Carrier Side Mount, part 12025.27. It mounts to the right rear quarter panel on your Jeep. It's an exact replacement for the stock mounts on the CJ3Bs right on up to the CJ5s. LOD Tire Carrier
If you have a Jeep CJ7, you will want to look into the LoD Xpedition Series Bumper with Tire Carrier (part LOD-XPD1011-T00) . This textured black finish bumper allows you to carry an oversized tire (up to 37-inches) on your Jeep. Hey, you were probably thinking about getting a new bumper anyway, right? Why not go with the LOD and enjoy the benefits of the spare tire carrier? Not to mention a couple of D-rings and an integrated hitch receiver. You may also want to look into the Mountain M.O.R.E. Rock Proof Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier (part MOR-JRB700CJPC). This one has a black powder coated finish. It includes a 2-inch receiver hitch, and safety chain hooks (for towing). You can use up to a 37-inch tire. Not only is this carrier beefy and made of 3/16 steel, but it also swings away like the tire carriers on newer Jeeps. It will work on a CJ5, CJ7, even the CJ8. Rugged Ridge Tire Carrier
By the way, if you're running the Rugged Ridge XHD rear bumper (such as part 11546.10), they make a tire carrier that fits that bumper (Rugged Ridge 11546.42). Not only that, it's a swing away design with a massive study hinge, and can work with up to a 37-inch tire. It uses a strong pin to hold the carrier in the open position, and a door handle configuration for many years of hard use. Feeling the need to get a spare tire on your Jeep CJ and hit the trails? Now you can with some of these solutions to make sure you have a spare with you. High in the mountains or deep in Bigfoot territory, you've ready for anything. Have spare - will travel!

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