If there’s one place you are destined to see a new concept vehicle or custom built car or truck, it will be at SEMA. We have brought you some interesting Jeep concepts before from the annual automotive event, and this year is no exception. This year the CJ Sixty Six debuts at SEMA. Bundled up together, MOPAR has brought out the whole kit and kaboodle with teaser images that cover all the bases: Shots of the Chrysler Pacifica, the Durango, a Dodge Challenger, and a CJ-Sixty-Six. Of course, the orange Dodge Power Wagon will end the whole show with a big bang. There's not much to go by with these colorful graphics. These are more artistic than any blueprint or technical advisory. The Chrysler Pacifica van has some surf type graphics on the side and rears as a wrap-around. It is a colorful art piece, and being in South Florida, it would fit right in with our Jeep Beach life.

CJ Sixty Six Debuts at SEMA

The Jeep CJ (labeled with graphics that say CJ-Sixty-Six) is a welcome site, though it appears to have a current hood treatment. A hint of a new part to come from MOPAR maybe? How about the line drawings in the background of Wrangler Jeeps? There’s a front fascia showing nothing much more than some colors and LED lights on a Dodge Durango. The Challenger looks great, though with muted colors. We like the Shaker hood scoop/air cleaner, and the stripe graphics. Also, then there's the awe-inspiring (Simon & Simon tribute here) Dodge Power Wagon, with the right colors and lettering (maybe the fender flares and wing will be new accessories?). Nothing says big truck like the words POWER WAGON emblazoned on the sides! These do not appear the be “new” vehicles coming out (such as the Grand Wagoner or Wrangler Pickup), but maybe they are a tease on new MOPAR parts that might be available some day. Since the vehicles will be presented at SEMA (the one stop shop for new aftermarket car & truck products), there’s a chance we might see some of these parts available for the public. Fingers crossed! Which concept is your favorite? Dodge Challenger SEMA 2016   Chrysler Pacifica Dodge Durango SEMA 2016   Dodge Power Wagon SEMA 2016