It doesn't end. Jeep news keeps pouring in from every corner of the internet. If we were a boat, we'd be drowning in all the current events. Jeep is the brand that never sleeps. To illustrate that point we've got four very different headlines all centered around the 4x4 we all know and love. From upcoming model adjustments, to Jeep events and capers, there's a lot going on in the Jeep world.

The Jeep Wrangler is finally getting modern headlights for 2017

It's no secret that many Wrangler and Cherokee owners aren't exactly happy about their Jeep's stock headlights.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has increased its lighting requirements, and as such, 2017 model Jeeps will some with LED or HID light component options. These brighter lights will also be available for the Renegade. The current lights have been deemed among the worst out on the market today, so it's highly likely that the LED and HID will come stock in the next gen models. For more information on the model-specific options, read the original post here.

Jeep Thieves used FCA's DealerConnect System

Most people wheeling a Jeep around town and the trails spent their hard-earned cash for it. However, recent reports of thieves using laptops to hack into Jeeps have had us wondering how safe our own rigs are. It turns out that the two criminals were stealing Jeeps used FCA's DealerConnect system. The system allows a user to enter the vehicle VIN and reprogram the vehicle to accept use of a generic key fob. It's possible the two thieves were working for a dealership or have connections inside a dealership. FCA has recently revised its disclaimer to discourage anyone who provides unauthorized individuals with key codes or other sensitive information. See the original post here.
Jeep Thieves

First annual Topsail Island Jeep Week to be held in Surf City

Surf City, NC will be holding its first annual Jeep week at the end of September. The four day event will run from September 29 through October 2. The Topsail Island inaugural event promises to be an activity-dense celebration of Jeeps, 4x4 life, and even fishing. Here's a rundown of the four day schedule:
  • Thursday, September 29 - Registration and Luau
  • Friday, September 30 - Jeep Parade, Beach Bash featuring live music, and Official party at a local sports bar
  • Saturday, October 1 - Shore fishing tournament, Jeep obstacle course, and drive-in movie night
  • Sunday, October 2 - Pancake breakfast and awards ceremonies
You can register here, or see the original post for more details on the event.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Issues Threat to Detroit Jeep Workers

There have been recent reports FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne issuing a "warning" to Detroit plant workers at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant. Currently, the plant has not been assigned a new product after 2018 due to poor quality and attendance issues. According to the original article, Marchionne was quoted saying employees of the plant would have to "earn" a new model being built there. It's not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes down to it. Business is business, and Marchionne visited the plant for reports of 1,000 vehicles assembled there needing repairs due to quality issues. With all the news around safety recalls, most recently for the Renegade, it's time to tighten up.
Chrysler auto assembly workers work on the line assembling Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos at the Chrysler Jefferson North Assembly plant in Detroit
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