If you are driving a JK Wrangler, or a newer Cherokee / Grand Cherokee, you may not be familiar with Jeeps champion and best-known engine, the mighty 4.0L straight six. Here we have a case when, even if you own an older Jeep, you have to be ever vigilant, because Jeeps are like magnets for thieves. Whether it is just to steal them for driving or taking them for parts, everyone wants a Jeep, even if he or she might be a shady character.

Colorado Woman Hangs onto Jeep During Carjacking

One woman in Colorado Springs had the misfortune of someone stealing her 1995 Cherokee XJ. It is not like it was the luxury version of a 2015 model or had thousands of dollars of accessories. Even an ordinary Jeep can be up for grabs to the wrong people. While putting some air in her tires at a gas station, a thief jumped into her Jeep and took off. However, this woman was not going to let her Jeep get stolen. She grabbed onto it, beating on the window and yelling for the driver to stop. She was dragged nearly 100 feet before she had to let go. The thief had grabbed her keys out from under a sweatshirt on the front seat. The pants she was wearing didn’t have any pockets, so she did not have a way to hold them while she aired up her tires. Like many Americans across the country, Kaitlynn Sartor and her boyfriend were having some rough times. The Jeep was their only vehicle they had to get to work and transport their kids. Their daily lives depended on this Jeep. Some people say she should have let go earlier, but without her Jeep, she would not be able to get to work and take care of her children. She feels her children are her priority. In the seconds she had to respond, who can say what how others might react to the theft? The Cherokee XJ has needed some work for some time; her boyfriend noted the engine was ready to be replaced. However, the thief did not know this of course. He pushed the 4.0L engine too hard until it seized up, bringing the Jeep to screeching halt. The Jeep was recovered by police, found in a ditch a few miles away. However, the thief has not been found yet. Kaitlynn’s boyfriend is already sourcing another 4.0L engine and will have it running again. Kailyn was taken to the hospital afterward after the crime and treated for minor road rash and a concussion. If there are a time and a place for a 4.0L to give up the ghost, this engine timed it perfectly. By stranding the Jeep, it prevented the vehicle from ending up hundreds of miles away, or ending up stripped in a warehouse. It also allowed the owners to recover the Jeep. Broken? Yes. But not down for the count. Just a new 4.0L and this XJ Cherokee and it will be back on the road making sure one family can get to work and keep food on the table. Like millions of other hard working Americans do every day. A Cherokee’s work is never finished.