main Taking your bicycles to the trails can sometimes be a hassle. After all, there's not much room on a Jeep as it is. Do you try and throw them in the back? Maybe somewhere up on top? Attach them to the front bumper? Strap them to the hood? It's a common issue, but one that Curt has seemed to successfully overcome with their all new Tray Style Bike Rack. Curt is a well known name in trailer hitch accessories. Seriously, it's a name people have been trusting for decades with their towing and hauling needs. Now they've applied that knowledge and engineering to designing what might be the easiest to use, and most versatile bike rack ever made. If you have a receiver, or a bumper with one, it's never been easier and more convenient to carry from 1 to 4 bicycles to the outdoor trails you love best. The Curt Tray Style Rack allows you to load up to 4 bikes at one time, supporting up to 180 pounds. If that's too much, it can easily be broken down to cary only tow bikes with no hassle whatsoever. The new Curt Tray Style Bike Rack is the rack you always wanted.
  • Curt 4 Bike Rack System
bike-rack One idea, and many bike rack companies miss the mark here, is that the rack can swing out of the way, allowing you access to your rear hatch area. Meaning there's no need to remove the bikes or the rack to do so! Talk about convenience! Curt includes adjustable rubber coated and padded arms so you can mount various different sizes of bikes on the rack with no hassles. Now you can take the whole family out for biking with just one rack! Load'em up! You might think the bike rack would be a bulky addition to your vehicle, but Curt has thought of this too. When not in use the rack folds up to be compact and out of the way. Meaning, it won't be sticking 8 feet out from the back of your Jeep or interfere with other vehicles in your drive way. Want to go smaller and lighter? Curt offers a two bike rack that's easier to handle. You get the same great features as the larger 4-bike rack, it's just designed to hold two bikes.
  • Curt 2 Bike Rack System
bike-rack-bike Installing the Curt Tray Style Bike Rack on your Jeep is so easy.  Once assembled, you just slide it into your 2" receiver hitch (or a 1.5 receiver on the 2 bike rack) and secure it. No welding, no modifications, just slide it on. By the way, if you don't have a rear bumper with a tow receiver, check out our large assortment of bumpers that do! Or, see our trailer hitches to get you started! Now load up your bikes and hit the trails with the family and friends !