daystar camera pro mount for 4x4s Don't you wish you could have a record of your rock crawling or trailing experience? Many times the rules don't allow passengers, and doing your Jeep thing and holding a camera with the other hand just isn't going to happen. You could probably use a Daystar Pro Mount for your camera from Morris 4x4 Center. The Daystar Pro Mount allows you to attach your POV cameras securely to your tubular cages, bumpers and handlebars. For whatever angle fits your style, and protects your camera. The Kevlar Infused polyurethane spacers dampen vibration without scratching any finish. Each kit fits round tubing sizes from 7/8", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", and 2". The combination of the Daystars American made super durable Kevlar isolators and aluminum hardware makes these the strongest POV mounts on the market today.daystar pro mount for cameras With these mounts, you can mount your camera and get the birds eye view, hands free. A great way to share your experience with your friends and family !jeep daystar pro camera mounts Brought to you by Morris 4x4 Center, your favorite place for Jeep parts.