The good people over at TruckYeah are featuring this Daystar Renegade with a lift kit on it. Ian from Extreme Off-Road got to take it out on 7 Mile Rim trail in Moab, and was not disappointed in the little engine that could. You can read the full article with the original footage here. Ian was happy to know he didn't have to use his winch, not even once during the expedition.

The Daystar Renegade in Moab

The Renegade has once again proven to be a pretty decent off road vehicle. We've been reporting on it so much lately, you'd think we'd be tired of it by now. But to be fair to all members of the Jeep lineup, we've got to look at all the options and opportunities for the rig. In the video, Ian contends that with very few modifications, the renegade can be a surprisingly capable performer. Just make sure you've got some rock sliders.

The Daystar Renegade features:
  • 1.5" Lift Kit
  • Rocksliders
  • Winch
  • Bigger Tires
For your convenience, we have the Daystar 1.5" Renegade Lift Kit available for your next upgrade. With all the hype surrounding the Dawn of Justice Renegade, the aftermarket Daystar version appears way more trail ready, but then again, it's lifted. Interested in lifting your Renegade?

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