Dealing With Bad Weather in Your Jeep

main-jeep-snow2 Snow. It appears every year. Of course, we don't see any of it here in Florida, but our Customers up north have to deal with it on a daily basis. It's not just the snow ... it's the slush, ice, and mud. That stuff gets every where on your Jeep you don't want it to. We know your Jeep's not a hanger queen. We know it will be out there battling the weather, and keeping you safe where others can't go. And we have a few ideas to arm yourself on that battlefield of freezing driving ... snowbear-plow
Snowplow Kits - Need to help others, or keep your own area snow free on the roads? Or maybe make a few dollars on the side? Step up to a snow plow kit from SnowBear. The kits are designed to allow you to easily install and later remove the plow with as little hassle as possible. They're powder coated and fully welded. They're built to be durable for years, and with stand harsh weather conditions. They are available for just about every Jeep, from the CJ5 up. And even include Cherokees and other models! jeep snow lights Powerful Lighting - There's no doubt that you can never seem to have enough lighting in bad weather. Chances are you drive your Jeep far from the city, and deep in the country, where you're on your own. Do you really want to rely on just two headlights? Not likely. Add some extra lighting and candlepower, with driving and fog lights. LEDs are the popular lights with modern technology and durability. But traditional Halogen and HID lights are still good choices over any stock lighting on your Jeep. Seeing where you're going is most important, and safety is the biggest issue with being able to know what's ahead. A stalled vehicle? Random animals? Fallen trees? Black ice?

Tires - Chances are you already have an offroad tire. Many of those are already designed to handle mud, slush and snow. But are you sure? Still running on stock tires? Many off road type tires can be used on the street, but also in mud and snow. Our most popular and most requested tires for snow conditions are the Toyo brand we carry. Tires that are rated for snow have a Mountain Snowflake emblem on them, which means they're qualified for severe snow conditions.

Interior Heat - Maybe you need just a bit more heat inside. Especially if you have a soft top. Smittybilt makes a good compact rear heater to help out. This is very handy if you have rear passengers, or a dog in the back. 4x4 jeep recovery kits snow
Recovery Kits - These are kits that have things you need to get unstuck, and give you some safety and piece of mind. You never know what's going to happen in bad weather, it could be you or another country driver getting in a bad way, in a ditch, or stalled somewhere, maybe in an accident. In heavy weather, in a storm, you need to be ready. We carry an assortment of kits, most with a handy bag to store the things you need inside. This way, when you walk out the door into the freezing cold, you can grab the gear bag, toss it in the Jeep, and go.  We carry kits by Viking, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt, ARB, Warn, and many others. One of these kits might mean the difference between getting home and freezing to death in the middle of nowhere. jeep floor liners
Floor Liners - Winter weather is just another good reason to get some floor liners that are designed to go far beyond stock floor mats. Keep the snow, slush and water off your boots with these deep channel liners, made to allow fluids and materials to flow off to the side with specially constructed channels. We carry the best floor liners available, from Weathertech, Husky, Bestop, and Rugged Ridge. These are also very easy to clean. Just hose them off in minutes and they're ready for more abuse! Of course, you want to make sure the rest of your Jeep is in good running condition, hopefully before more bad storms hit and the weather turns nasty. Check over your Jeep to make sure you're ready, and look to the Morris 4x4 Center to help get you geared up for whatever mother nature wants to throw at you. After all, you're driving a Jeep! Everyone else is looking and depending on you in a road crisis. We can help you with the best selection, and the best prices!