DIY Wrangler JK Water Pump

A source of running water can be priceless when getting dirty with your Jeep. But we all know not all Jeeps come with running water pumps. But thanks to this video, you can transform your stock JK Wrangler bumper into a 7-8 gallon water tank.
YouTuber Eddie Zarick is a genius. The Jeep in the video is a 2012 Oakley Edition Wrangler with a set of customized goodies on the inside. Why not add to the list? Turning JK bumpers into water pumps isn't the newest idea under the sun, but his presentation is quite impressive. You can even watch him give you a step by step breakdown of how to turn your stock bumper into a water tank. With a full set of gadgets and a 3D printer in his garage, Eddie is able to make his custom projects a cut above the rest. Pretty hard to not notice the built-in air pump with pressure gauge next to the water spout. Not to mention the custom fabricated trim with personalized signage. Jeep-Running-Water-Hose
It's perfect for cleaning up your rig after mudding, washing off after a dip at the beach, or any other number of situations a little rinse would come in handy. As useful as it is, this water is not for drinking. The pump is mounted underneath the vehicle and only turns on when the valve is opened due to the loss of pressure. The beauty of being a Jeep owner is that you get to customize your Jeep however you like. This clever Jeep owner also gets running water from his bumper, but takes a different approach. And that's perfectly alright with us! He doesn't need as much pressure when washing off his feet after a long day of working at the beach. If you like DIY projects but don't want to deal with as much fabrication and cutting into the body like Eddie did, you can check out Jeep Karma's Aqua Bumper video to see their set up. If you think having an extra 7-8 gallons of water around without taking up valuable storage space could be useful (who wouldn't?) you might want to try your hand at this project. And if you're happy with more conventional methods we've got Jerry Cans for fuel and water. What do you think of these water pumps? Tell us in the comments!

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