Don't Go Topless With a New Bikini Top from Morris 4x4 Center

morris 4x4 Center Jeep Bikini Tops
Yeah, we know it's colder than a polar bear up north right now. But while you're cozy up to the fireplace, and your Jeep is waiting in the snow and ice, I'll bet you're thinking about summer and hitting some trails. So are we here at the Morris 4x4 Center. Of course, we're located in Florida, so we only get maybe two days of winter weather a year. It's probably a state law or something. We enjoy quite a lot of sunshine all year long. But it won't be long till it's summer again, and we're not far from the beach. So you know what that means right?  ... bikini tops! No, no, we're talking JEEP bikini tops here. The kind of top that keeps the sun off your head, but lets you have a 360 degree view of the beach.  And gives you some extra room to let you pack in seven or eight of your friends for the ride in the great outdoors. Get ready for the spring and summer now with a new bikini top from Morris 4x4 Center. They are a very popular Jeep accessory, and easy to install. Many of our Customers have a couple of tops. An all weather top for the winter, then they swap that out for the weekend or summer months with an open bikini top. So now is a  time to check out what we carry. Just like our all season Soft Tops, we carry a variety of bikini top styles to give our Jeep Customers some great choices. Let's look at some popular models here:

Safari Bikini Top: The Bestop Safari is Bestop's answer to the traditional bikini and later released Header Bikini top. The Safari Bikini is designed to have full length coverage for both the front and rear of the Jeep and shields all the occupants from the sun or light showers. The front of the bikini top attaches to your Wrangler TJ's windscreen using a Bestop "no drill" channel (Part # 51238-01) and the rear straps to the sport bars.

Bikini Header Style - The Bestop Bikini Header top is a more traditional top, in that it only covers the driver and front passenger from the sun and light showers. This is about as close as you can be to going "topless" in your Jeep. These are small, light, and easy to store when not in use. They also install in just a few minutes.

Mesh Header Style - Bestop makes a Header Bikini style that is mesh. This helps block the glare of the sun, but also lets air pass though it for a comfortable breeze. It helps block U/V rays and reduces heat in the cockpit as well.

Strapless Bikini Style - Bestop makes a unique strapless Bikini style. It's like a traditional header style top, but instead of straps running down to the back corners of the Jeep, the Strapless fits tightly over the sports bars, and uses a hidden strap underneath the Bikini top to hold it tight. (On Wrangler YJ models, part # 51209-01 is required for installation.)

Sun Bonnets / Sun Cap Styles - Pavement Ends makes bikini tops known as Sun Caps. These type tops are popular with Wrangler JK owners who are always on the trails. It fits over the front cockpit area of your jeep, extending from the windshield header to the center sport bar. It is UV-resistant for maximum protection against the sunlight. It's easy to install and easy to remove. (On Wrangler JK models, part # 51243-01 is required for installation.) MOPAR parts makes a Sun Bonnet. These are constructed of the same fabric as the factory top, and offers a breezy open-air feel while protecting passengers from the sun.

These are just some of our most popular Bikini style options, but there are many more. Most require a Windshield Channel for installation. But we tell you that online when you look at the product, and we stock the channels, so there's no worries there. Here at Morris 4x4 Center, to help our great Customers, we sell the tops as a package that include the windshield channel with it as a combo too. Look for those to save money, hassle, and time! Most of our tops are also available as combinations. Meaning, for instance, on a particular vehicle, if you order a combo you can get the Bikini top, the Windjammer top (for the rear passengers) and Duster (this covers the back deck area) all in one package. Such as this one - click here. This is something you want to consider, because purchasing a combo top package can save you a lot of money, and here at Morris 4x4 Center, we always have some great deals for you to take advantage of on Jeep tops. So while you're sitting there toasty by the fire, and dreaming about your Jeep and hitting the trails when it warms up, be sure and look through the various Bikini Tops we carry, and be ready for the summer. And we'll see you on the beach (with your new Bikini top from Morris 4x4 Center! ).