Today's fast paced world allows you to gather information on any given subject in moments. Sometimes, there can be way too much information and getting through it can be a daunting task. Because we care about you so much, we're sharing some early September Jeep news headlines to keep you up to speed without taking up an entire morning's worth of time having to read. Check out the latest Jeep news below!

Camo-clad Jeep looks a lot like a new Compass

The new Jeep compass was recently spotted on the pavement during a test run. Closer in size to the Honda CR-V, the completely redesigned Compass is based on the same frame as the Renegade. The Cross over utility vehicle has been in the works for a few years now, and now the vehicle many have been calling the Compatriot (as it replaces both the Patriot and Compass models) is coming sooner than later. As stated in this article, the new CUV will roll out in 2016's third quarter (we're here!) making its debut first in Brazil. Thanks to for the original article. New Jeep Compass Spied

Jamming a Cummins Into a Jeep and Driving Underwater Looks Like Too Much Fun

This is a very popular and unorthodox piece of Jeep news. Many Jeepers often venture through shallow streams and bodies of water to get to the other side while trailing. Some even go as far as attaching a snorkel, but that's usually the end of the story. The adventurous folks at Dirt Every Day went above and beyond by putting a diesel engine in their 97 TJ Wrangler and waterproofing it to not get across a lake, but through it! Watch the video at the link provided. Much appreciation to for the original post. Diesel Jeep Underwater

St. Pete family says Jeep totaled by exploding Note 7

You may not have heard yet, but the new Galaxy Note 7 phone has been making headlines due to their batteries exploding while being charged. Samsung, just a few days ago, has recalled its phones but there hasn't been enough time (and maybe not enough incentive) for people to bring in the notorious phone. Recently a charging Note 7 exploded in a St. Petersburg family's Grand Cherokee. After returning from a yard sale on Labor Day, the Florida family was offloading a new desk for their daughter when the phone exploded and set the vehicle on fire. Luckily no one was in the vehicle at the time it blew up. The local fire department put the fire out. Thanks to Fox 13 News for the original post. Note 7 Blows up Jeep

Win a $500 Rock Krawler Shopping Spree

To lighten things up we wanted to share the fact that Morris 4x4 Center is running a sweepstakes for $500 Rock Krawler shopping spree. It ends on September 28th so be sure you enter before time runs out. Who knows, you just may win and be able to get your hands on a brand new heavy duty suspension for your rig. It's always worth a shot. Good luck! rock-crawler-spending-spree Now that you're well informed, what do you think of the latest news? Tell us in the comments! Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: