Is the Elide Fire Ball the answer to solving Jeep fires? We doubt it, but it is one of the coolest innovations we've seen in a while. Elide Fire-- the German based company who produces these nifty soccer-sized fire-killers--  aims at replacing the extinguishers we all know and love. Why? Because the balls are lighter and easier to use. This little contraption is surely turning heads. We're not clear on the science of it all, but it reportedly only activates when it comes into close contact with certain temperature levels. Don't fear, it won't activate when squeezed or thrown with force against objects, either. Watch the video below and tell us you're not impressed.  

Solution to Jeep Fires?

Now, you might be asking what this has to do with Jeep. Well, nothing. But with all the reports of Jeep Grand Cherokee and Wrangler fires, and people not being able to quickly douse them before emergency personnel arrives, this ball could do a lot of good and save a lot of people out there. Whether the fires are caused by rear-end collisions or electrical issues in the dashboard, having an Elide Fire Ball or two in vicinity may help to reduce Jeep damage and personal injury. The Tennessee man who was recently pulled from his Jeep before a fire explosion got lucky. Unfortunately, there a number of people who weren't so lucky. According to a consumer affairs article published last month, 19 people have burned to death since June 2013, when FCA was asked to recall Jeeps with the gas tank mounted behind the rear axle. Organizations pushing to reopen the investigation argue that the solution FCA came up with was not sufficient.

Precautionary Measures

We're definitely for the FCA organization to do its due diligence in fixing dangerous models. It's definitely a better alternative to a rising death toll, lowering trust in the brand, and of course, having a Jeep fire recall.  In the meantime, taking an extra step toward safety never hurts. You plan for all sorts of contingencies on the trail, one more for the road can't hurt. The Elide Fire Ball also functions as a fire alarm, alerting nearby people when it senses fire. This makes the invention even cooler, as it can warn you of a fire when you aren't even aware. Additionally, the ball can be mounted near places that are more susceptible to fires starting. That way, the fire can be addressed without it causing much damage. While we can see plenty of applications in the home, school, and Jeep models that have been catching fire, there is no indication that the company will market the product for such use. We just found out about it and thought it'd be a neat way to prevent a lot of bad things from happening. This is not a solid solution to Jeep fires. We just think this is a great new invention with the ability to help in a variety of ways. What do you think of the Elide Fire Ball? Would you get one?